HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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Flush Gunner:
...for those who shoot,
then think...
- what a good shot!

For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
FLUSH GUNNER shots of your Dick-Gun

The Poker idea: to make the best Poker Combination, by shooting good cards.
Poker cards-chips are placed randomly on the screen (each chip has its suit and value, as poker cards).
You have the fantastic Dick-Gun. This gun (you will be surprised) may shoot.
To make a shot - aim with the mouse: drag the sight by the screen, then release the mouse to make a shot with the Ball-Head of your Dick-Gun.
Also, you may move your gun by the bottom of the screen - when the mouse is over the gun you may move it left-right.
This way you may choose the best position to shoot (moving left-right). Aiming with the sight you may shoot to hit one or more cards-chips.
All cards, that was "touched" by the Ball-Head on its way, go to your hand (at right of the screen).
If you have hit not enough cards, make the next shot.
When you receive 5 cards at your hand, the machine defines your Poker Combination, and you receive money to your bank, according to the combination ratio.
To win the set you must shoot up at least $100.
When you have $100 or more, you pay $100 to strip down the sexy girl on the background, and go to the next level.
The busty blonde Verena Maxima may strip up to the 8th level, if you can shoot so...
So, to win the game get to the highest 8th level.

Controls:Aim with the mouse (or finger) - drag the sight by the screen and release to shoot. Move the gun left-right: when the mouse (or finger) is over the gun - shift it left-right.
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