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Fish Market:
the best place for fishing
is the Fish Market!

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Fish Market
some enjoy fishing, and some need more sexy fish...

You are on the European Fish Market. (So, don't be surprised, that all prices are in Euro!)
You are looking for a some fish, but the sexy seller girl also attracts your attention.
She has guessed that you are a gambler, so she proposes to you such a game:
You can catch fish in her fish tank with your hoop net. Each fish has the price on it.
If the total sum of caught fish prices will be equal to Black Jack = 21, she agrees to strip for you!
So, lucky fishing!
You see fishes with prices in the tank. "Throw" your hoop net, to catch several fishes, with their prices sum closer to 21.
Click on the screen in the point, where you want to place the center of the hoop net.
The hoop net unwraps, and catches all fishes in the net area.
The sum of caught fishes prices is your score.
If the sum is lower than 21, you may make the next "throw", the sum will be added.
When your score becomes 21, you win the game set and the sexy girl strips for you to the next level!
But, if you your score exceeds 21,... BUST! you go level down!
To win the game, get to the top 8th level.
The sexy fish seller Stella Cardo is ready to strip for you with each next your lucky Black Jack Fishing!

Controls: Click on the screen, in the place, where you want to open your hoop net.
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