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End of Summer:
...the last chance
to make all those things
that you planned for this summer

For best performance, we recommend to play this game in Google Chrome browser
End of Summer
what may happen in last summer days

The end of the summer is the time, when it is still hot enough to meet girls without heavy fur coats. It means, that they still may strip for you on the street or in the park...
Also, the end of summer is the time when acorns are falling from oak trees.
It is such a fun, to catch falling acorns just in the air. (For sure, you will not play it in winter!)
But, you are not the only one, who is playing this game in the park. The "hungry" squirrel is also hunting for falling acorns. So, you have a skilled opponent!
Acorns are falling from trees over your head. You may catch them - click on the falling acorns.
Each acorn you have caught increases your score.
But the squirrel also jumps and catches falling acorns, and they are summing in "opponents" score.
To win the game set you must catch more acorns than your squirrel opponent during the half of minute (30 sec).
If you win, your sexy "squirrel-blonde" Sky Pierce undresses to the next level.
But, if you lose the set, she dresses back...
To win the game, strip her to the top 10th level.
Controls: Click on falling acorns
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