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Old Russian Cards Game

* 36 cards deck. Cards values are shown below: 6 - lowest... A - highest;
* Higher card covers lower card;
* Trump covers all cards;
* When One Player plays a card of some suit:
- May cover it with the higher card of the same suit;
- May cover it with a trump card;
- May take this card (click on "Take" button);
- If he has no card to cover (no higher, no trump) - he MUST take this card (now he has more than 6 cards...).
* When Player plays a card, he may add cards ("throw in") on his turn (see Example):
* The Aim of the game - to leave your opponent with cards in the end of the game.
* Who has no cards in the end of the game - wins the game.
* Who is left with cards - lose the game - DURAK! (FOOL)
* If you win the set - Girls undress;
* If you lose the set - Girls dresses up back.
Example: adding cards ("throw in")

- Player plays some 6.
- Opponent covers it with 8. (Now there are 6, and 8 in game.)
- Now Player, may add any 6 and any 8.
- If he adds new card - 8.
- Opponent covers it with 10. (6, 8, and 10 in game).
- Player, may add any 6, 8 and 10.
- Etc...
Up to six cards may be added on his turn.
If you dont want to add more cards - click on "OK" button.
HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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