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Colosseum Jack:
on ancient
Roman bricks

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Colosseum Jack
make Black Jack on ancient Roman bricks

Ancient Roman gladiators also played Black Jack, but they used Colosseum bricks instead of cards.
Bricks always have numbers marks on them. So it is possible to collect bricks with the Black Jack sum 21.
But! Be careful! The angry overlooker with his terrible whip is watching on you! (But,... she looks sexy...)
You have two columns of bricks - one at left, another at right side of the screen.
Each column consists of 5 bricks. Each brick is marked with its number in Roman numeral.
The sum of bricks values in the column is visible on the top of the column (BJ Sum).
The game idea is to make the BJ Sums in both columns (each column) equal to 21 (Black Jack).
You may delete any brick - click on the brick. The value of deleted brick is subtracted from the BJ sum - the BJ Sum of the column decreases.
Try this way to delete all "not needed" bricks, to make BJ sums in both columns equal to 21. (Each column's sum must be 21).
When Sums in both columns become equal to 21, you win the set and go to the next level.
But, if some Sum falls below the 21... Oooops!... But, you may play next round ("NEXT" button).
To win the game, get to the top 10th level.
And sexy (as it may seem) overlooker Paola Hard also get excited with each your next level!

Controls: Click on bricks to delete them.
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