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Flush or Better

Chips Tricks:
your Tricks
to make her naked

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Chips Tricks

take tricks on Card-Chips

Main cards rule: The higher card covers the lower card of the same suit.
When some higher card has covered the lower card, it makes the Cards Trick - the pair of covered card and covering card.
The sum of cards values in the Trick is the Trick value.
When some player covers some card, its Trick value goes to his score.
The Game: 20 Cards-Chips (with card's Suit and Value) are placed randomly on the table (with 40 cells).
The player may move any chip left-right, up-down for one step.
If the chip appears on the next cell with the lower chip of the same suit, it covers this chip and their trick sum increases the players score.
You play with the opponent turn by turn.
The aim of the game is to cover more chips and receive the higher score than your opponent.
On your turn move some chip to the next cell, to cover the lower chip, to take a trick.
If there are no chips to cover, you may move any chip to the next empty cell (to allow to cover some chip on your next turn...).
On the opponent's turn, the opponent tries to cover chips and take some trick, or moves some chip to the empty cell.
The set finishes, when some player receives the higher score, and there is no possibility to "overcome" his score with remaining cards - The machine calculates the the potential sum of remaining tricks, if this sum is less than scores difference, the set finishes [no sense to play further], and the winner is defined.
If you win the set, you go to the next level, and the busty brunette Kitty undresses to her next strip level.
In case, if the opponent wins - you go level down...
To win the game get to the top 8th level.
Controls: Swipe over chips left-right, up-down.
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