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Chess-Poker 2:
have you ever seen
a horse, playing poker

The HTML5 remake/sequel to the "Chess-Poker" Flash game
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Chess-Poker 2
make poker combinations with the Chess Knight

Poker cards-chips are placed on the chess board.
The only chess piece is the Knight (Horse).
Players may move the Knight piece (according to the Knight moves) and place it on some card-chip.
When the Knight appears over some card, this card moves to the player's hand.
The game idea is to collect better Poker Combination than your Opponent.
You play with the Opponent, turn-by-turn. First turn is yours.
Move the Knight to place it on some "good" card - click on some cell according to the Knight movement rule. The Knight will move to this cell and "cover" the card on this cell. The card will move to your hand (at the bottom).
Note: you may move the Knight also to the empty cell.
After your turn - the opponent plays. He moves the Knight and covers another card. This card goes to the Opponent's hand (at the top).
Then your next turn... Try to collect 5 cards with better poker combination, than your opponent.
The set finishes, when both players have taken 5 cards. The player, who has the higher combination wins the set.
If you win, you go to the next level, and the beautiful girl Freya Mayer strips to the next level
But, if you lose the set, she dresses back...
To win the game, strip her to the top 9th level.
Controls: Click on chess board cells, according to the Knight movement.
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