For iPhone users - to get the FULL SCREEN mode:
Turn your device from "Portrait" mode to "Landscape" mode.
The game will switch to the Full Screen mode.
Say thanks to Steve...
Mobile HTML5 game, also playable on desktop

Burning Witches
- in Black Jack

Burning Witches

burn her with your Black Jack

How to burn those witches? - the proven tool is the Black Jack.
The Black Jack idea, to collect tiles with the sum of their numbers 21 at the top row of the square.
The game field is the square with 4x4 cells.
8 tiles with numbers from 1 to 8 are randomly placed on the board.
You may move (push) any tile up-down; left-right by the filed. Swipe over the tile in needed direction, and it will move by free cells, and stop if the next cell is busy, or at the border.
This way you may place several tiles in the top row, with their numbers sum equal to 21.
When you have Black Jack on tiles numbers in the top row, you win the set and go to the next level.
And burning witch Sia Siberia burns down to the next level.
To win the game get to the top 8th level.

Controls: Swipe over the tile to push it in needed direction

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