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Don't allow Blonde and Brunette to meet in common ring

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Blonde vs Brunette Epic Confrontation
Help the Blonde to escape the ring.

Always rival Blonde and Brunette this time have appeared in a common open-air cage. To leave this ring, the girl must collect $100.
It has happened so, that you play for Blonde... You may help Blonde to leave the ring-fence.
The ring has 4 cells inside of it. These cells are divided with 4 inner fences, usually yellow, red, blue and green.
You may move these inner fences, to open it. Click on the inner fence, it will open, and the girl may get out from one cell to another.
But if Blonde and Brunette will meet each other, they will collapse in fight (and you will go level down)! So, you must not allow 2 girls to get in the same cell.
Money, as always, fall from the sky. $10 dollars coins may fall into any cell. When the Blonde girl gets to the cell with the coin, she (of course) takes the coin, and her Bank increases for $10.
When she will have $100, the outer gate will open, and she may exit the ring. And you will go to the next level.
Dont be surprised, that Brunette is not interested in money. She is concerned on the fight with the Blonde, so she pays no regard to money, and is seeking for ways to meet the Blonde.
So, save the Blonde. Open needed fences to help her to collect coins, to get $100, and leave the ring.
- Click on some of inner fences (yellow, red, blue and green), to open it.
- Allow the Blonde to get to the cell with the coin, to take it.
- When the Blonde receives $100 in her Bank, she may exit the ring. (And you go to the next level)
- To win the game, you must get to the 5th level.

Controls: Click on inner fence to open it

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