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Battle Tricks-4:

The sequel to the Battle Tricks series games
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Battle Tricks-4
Cards-Knights battle with 2 girls-knights opponents
-advanced version-
Cards-Knights on the battlefield: All Cards-Knights have suit and value as cards in the deck.
The principle of Cards-Tricks game: Higher card covers the Lower card of the same suit.
This pair of cards creates the Trick. The value of the Trick is the sum of cards values (covering and covered).
The player who's card is higher takes this Trick, and the Trick's value is added to his score (Tricks Sum).
The player, who has the higher score wins the game set.
Opponents Knights are from both sides of you.
All players (you and both opponents) receive 6 Cards-Knights. Your Knights are in the central column, Opponent's 1 Knights (red) are at left, and Opponent's 2 (blue) Knights are at right side.
You may direct any your Card-Knight to move to cover the opponent's lower Card-Knight - swipe over your Card-Knight in the needed direction.
You may correct the direction, while the Knight is moving - swipe again...
Your opponents also direct their Knights, and they move to cover your cards.
When some Card-Knight meets another Card-Knight of the same suit, the higher card covers the lower card and takes this Trick (as prisoning the opponent Knight).
The Trick goes to the side of the player who has won this Trick (left or right opponent, and your Tricks are at the bottom), and this player's score increases on the Trick's value.
Knights may go away from the battlefield at right and left sides of the screen. If some higher Card-Knight is coming to your lower card, you may "save" this Knight - run away from the battlefield to the right or left side off the screen.
When some Cards-Knight gets away from the game (in Trick, or out of border) the new Card-Knight is added to the players hand from the "reserve"(deck).
The set finishes when some player receives the score (Tricks Sum) of 100 or higher, or on the End of Deck.
The player who has the higher score (Tricks Sum) wins the set, and the loser (who has the lower score) undresses to the next level.
If you lose - the winner (with the higher score) dresses back for one level.
Your opponents are: at left the Opponent 1 Sata Jones and at right the Opponent 2 Sia Siberia.
To win the game strip both your opponents to the highest 7th level.
Controls: Swipe over your Card-Khight (with mouse or finger) in needed direction.
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