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2 Pairs
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2 Pairs
...a variation based on Poker rules

As there are two pairs, making love on the video, this game demands from you to collect only "Two Pairs" Poker Combinations!
(You may find description of Poker Combinations here.)
The cards deck (pack) has standard 52 cards. Cards are opening face up and placed by the border of the screen. When 26 cards (half of the pack) become visible, machine deletes them one by one. And starts opening another half of the pack. So you may see all 52 cards,... but not for a long time.
Your task is to take 5 cards with "Two Pairs" combination with "Needed" cards pairs. The "Needed" cards are indicated in the right top corner. So, you must find pairs of cards, that are indicated as "Needed"!
Click on chosen cards, to take them. Chosen cards move to your hand - at right border.
If you receive the Poker combination of "Two Pairs" with needed cards, you win the set and go to the next level. (By the way, the 2 pairs of lovers on the video, also move to the next level!)
If you have collected some other Poker Combination, different from "Two Pairs" (even if the combination is higher, as Royal Flush, etc...), you go level down!
Not to lose the set, you may collect any "Two Pairs" combination, even with "not Needed" cards (Because the game is "Two Pairs"! So, any two pairs will save you). In this situation you will stay at the same level, and may play this set again.
- Cards are opening from the deck, face up.
- Choose 5 cards with "Two Pairs" combination, with "Needed" cards pairs - click on chosen cards.
- Your chosen cards move to the right border (your hand). When you have 5 cards, the machine defines the Poker Combination of your cards.
- If your combination is "Two Pairs" with "Needed" cards pairs, you go to the next level.
- To win the game, you must get to the highest 9th level.

Controls: Click on chosen cards

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