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16 Holes:
put your balls
to needed holes

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16 Holes

Put 16 balls on their natural places
16 balls numbered from 1 to 16 are randomly placed on the table.
The table has 16 "holes" (sockets) with numbers 1-16.
The idea of the game to move all balls and place them in corresponding holes with the same number.
You may move the ball, by swiping over it in necessary direction. (swipe with your finger, or mouse).
When all 16 balls are installed correctly to their holes, you win the set and go to the next level.
But, if some ball gets to inappropriate hole with different number, you lose the set and go level down.
Pretty blonde Sharon White will strip for you more with each next level!
To win the game, you must get to the highest 7th level.

Controls: Swipe over the ball in needed direction (swipe with your finger, or mouse)
HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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